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Star Trek: Echoes

Star Trek: Echoes

Star Trek: Echoes is a community created to support the ideals and creativity of Star Trek RPGing. Our Goal is to foster a player-centric game that's main focus is the stories and players rather than the game as a whole. We have strong stories, developed characters, and an amazing atmosphere of adventurous creativity.

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Some Quick Questions

1) What is Star Trek: Echoes?
Star Trek: Echoes is a roleplaying game community centered around the Star Trek Megaverse. It was cofounded by Mark Tucker and Steve Mallory, former freelance artists of Paramount Digital Entertainment. Both have nearly two decades of online gaming experience combined, and started Star Trek: Echoes as a player-centric gaming organization.

2) What eras of Star Trek does Echoes play within?
Right now, Echoes plays in the 'modern' era of Trek, that is, there is a tense peace with the Romulan Empire as the Federation and her Klingon allies work to rebuild the Cardassian Union. We also are launching a ship set during the "Excelsior" Time period.

3) Echoes offers both Chat and PBeM games. What is the difference between Play By Email and Chat based roleplaying games?
Chat based games tend to be a bit more immediate in terms of action and storytelling. You and your fellow players are participating in realtime to create the story, and providing character insights with email logs. Play By Email, or PBeM, is a much slower game, focusing more on character development than fast-paced action. As a player in PBeM, you and the other participants are, essentially, creating a work of interactive fiction.

4) What kind of posts do you have available?
Executive Officer, Helm, Security, Tactical, Science, Medical, Communications/Linguistics, Counselor, Engineering, Operations, and many more.

Thank you,
Mark Tucker
Echoes Manager
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