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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Hey guys,

There's a new interveiw with Lucy Lawless up at Zap2it. SHe mostly talks about her character, but the most interesting thing to me is that Robert M. Young is directing it. He's a very well-known documentarian. and while they were shooting the episode, Lucy and her "cameraman" were also shooting her reports. They will be used within the episode as well.

I just love the way BSG is willing to take risks and throw out convention when it comes to things like this! Taking thier whole "cinama verite" thing a step further. I'm really looking forward to this one!

BTW, I LOVE this thread! One-stop shopping. Brilliant idea, SJ! As a reward, here's a fantastic quote from your favorite lady President:

“I think Laura should help women like Hilary Clinton get into power,” McDonnell says. “The more we have actresses playing women in power the more the idea becomes part of people’s expectations and culture. People start absorbing it as a given, and start expecting women to be in that position. The repetition of the image is what shifts our perception in TV and movies and then hopefully in real life.”
“The power in Laura grows up out of the obstacles and the circumstances, it isn’t something she just pulls out of the hat or had to begin with,” says the actress, who’d previously come closest to power as Bill Paxton’s First Lady in Independence Day. “She’s dying of breast cancer, she’s not ambitious politically, she wasn’t trained to be in this position, she doesn’t know a thing about being out in Space, so if you really line up your ducks, you go ‘Who is going to follow her?’ But they keep supporting her sincerity and commitment, she’s a long haul kind of girl.”
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