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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

Wow look a thread with my name on it.

A couple of thoughts having quickly read over the thread:

I think this is a smart move by both Baltar and Sharon. By saving the President of the Colonies with Stem Cells from the child it would make it extremely unlikely that the child would be subsequently targetted. (This could explain the bit in the script about Sharon having left by the time Adama returnsto the sickbay).

There's nothing to say with clarity that the "cure" is permanent. It may cure part of it (her cancer had metastasized) or only alleviate it.

Even if it were to be a 100% cure it still doesn't rule out Roslin being the one refered to in the prophesy. The leader was suffering a wasting disease was to guide them to earth and not live to enter it. She was still sick when the Tomb was opened. There's nothing that says the leader has to die from the wasting disease. If it is Roslin she could go out, sacrificing herself to save someone else's life for all we know. But it still could be anyone(I like the fact that prophesies can be open to interpretation).

Just because the Doctors on Caprica couldn't cure Roslin's type of cancer with Stem cells doesn't mean that Baltar can't. Firstly, the Dr's on the Colonies may have been legally prevented from doing so and we all know Baltar lives to his own personal code of ethics (which is probably none) so he's going to worry about the legalities. Secondly, hemay be aided by Sharon to find the cure.Maybe she knows something that could help.
I'm more interested in hearing about how Roslin and Adama deal with it. Given my occupation I find this interesting. And not at all cheap. Part of the reason I like BSG is because of the discussion it generates.

Just because Starbuck isn't mentioned in the brief excerpts of scripts flying around the net doesn't mean she wont be in it. There's usually 50-60 pages of script. Its likely she is there somewhere. I doubt they'd leave a major character out of an ep (e.g., from the pod casts they included a Baltar/6 scenes when they realised he & 6 weren't in one of the recent eps).
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