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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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You honestly think TNG got better after Roddenberry passed on the reigns???

The characters lost their souls. They didn't care about each other. Under Roddenberry the members of the USS Enterprise were family. Berman turned the ship into a cold, corporate work place.

They were one-dimensional characters that served nothing but to advance the plot.

And how about a little philosophy with your science fiction? You didn't see it under Berman. Berman era writers could barely write a plot let alone put some meaning into it.

Watch an episode of ENT and tell me that's not true.

Now, what I intended to post:

Star Trek is like fine art in this respect: there are many Cubists but only one Pablo Picasso. With Picasso dead we will never see Cubism created at such a high level. Same with Star Trek: Roddenberry died and took Star Trek with him. Such is the nature of creativity.

Enjoy what he left us.
Were we watching the same shows?

I'm a big fan of TOS. TNG, not so much. But your characterization of the "Berman era" doesn't ring very true.
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