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There's no way the blowing up of the Starfleet meeting was ordered by Marcus.

I also want to know why they put 72 torpedoes on the Enterprise to kill one person. Yes Marcus was hoping a war would start but even 10 would do the trick. We know Khan has put all his people in the torpedoes so they are super important to him but wouldn't Marcus, who doesn't know this, want to keep some of his super weapons aside in case this fails and he needs them to get some other pawn to start a war?
Marcus does know Khan's people are in the torpedoes. Khan escaped after it was discovered he was trying to hide his people in the torpedoes. He assumed all of his people were killed at that point. They hadn't been. But when Marcus had all the torpedoes placed on Enterprise, I think the intent was that this would lead to all of them being killed: Enterprise fires on Kronos killing Khan, and the rest of Khan's people are killed when the sabotaged Enterprise stuck in Klingon space is destroyed by Klingon forces.
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