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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

i just got back from it. I loved the crap out of it. My favorite thing in this was Pine. He NAILED James T. Kirk. I loved his whole arc in this movie; he finally earned the chair. I didn't mind the "stealing" from TWOK. I felt it was an hommage, and i loved the way it was executed. In fact, i loved how Khan was used in this alternate reality. Seeing what would happen had starfleet gotten their hands on him, and used his intellect. Only two minor nitpicks i have are: (1) The Klingons. While it was neat seeing them this time around, they just felt shoehorned in. (2) The ending felt so abrupt to me. I was also hoping for more of a beauty pass as Pine read the famous "These are the voyages,,,," lines. I loved the new warp effect.
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