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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for attack cruiser. The Vor'cha class of Klingon vessel was a prominent warship in the military of that empire during the late 24th century.
B is for Bird of Prey. You can travel the galaxy pillaging and rampaging. Then at the end of the day land it in a park or field behind some trees with the cloaking device on. Just remember where you parked it.
C is for Carol Marcus. A blonde, gifted and intelligent dynamo with spunk in any timeline.
D is for Delta Quadrant. Captain Janeway lost her spaceship in it.
E is Elementary, My Dear Data. You would think that they would have just unplugged the Holodeck after that.
F is for Finnegan or Finney, I dont remember which is which
G is for Gravesworld.
H is for Hollow Pursuits. Barclay was rather thankful they didn't unplug the Hollodecks.
I is for Inaprovaline injection given via hypospray.
J is for Julian Bashir. Doctor, spy, ladies man. Or so he likes to think.
K is for Klingon Rites of Ascension.
L is for Leonard Nimoy.
M is for Martian Colonies, the first of which was Utopia Planitia and had been established before the year 2067.
N is for Nerds on the trekbbs.
O is for Old Ones. They originally sent the shapeshifting aliens knowns as Korob and Sylvia to our galaxy from the Andromeda Galaxy to study the life forms who live here.
P is for Praxis. A moon of the Klingon homeworld.
Q is for Qap'la, Klingon for "success!"
R is for "Romulan bastard! You've killed my daughter!" Sorry; wrong timeline.
S is for Starfleet Academy.
T is for Talos IV. Planet Forbidden.
U is for Undersecretary for Agriculture Nilz Baris.
V is for vomit inducing. Refer to the previous entry.
W is for Wesley Crusher.
X is for Planet X. Home of Doctor Chaotica's Fortress of Doom.
Y is for Yarena, the Ligonian.
Z is for Zarabeth's big bulky fur coat that kept her nice and warm in the middle of the ancient Sarpeidon ice age.
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