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To take that idea a step further, if Locutus had a run-of-the-mill and fully integrated drone consciousness, then why was it necessary for him to overlook the battles from an area that look exactly like a designated command deck? Why not just plug into an alcove, like every other drone not currently servicing the cube?
I never bought that whole idea that Locutus was meant to speak for the Borg. Honestly, were the Borg going to negotiate or something? "Okay, we'll give you transwarp drive, and you'll allow us to assimilate all Humans. Seem fair to you?"

To me, the Borg Queen wanted Picard to speak for the Borg more as an example: "This is what we're going to do to you. See? We got your most famous captain from a heavily armed ship. You can't defend yourselves against us." It was all an effort to show Humans that the Borg were large and in charge. Forcing Picard to watch the battle from that viewing area was another thing. Instead of just letting Picard be aware of what was happening, the Queen made him watch it. It's like the difference between hearing about a big plane crash on the news and watching the plane crash in person.
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