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Zarek is a fanatic who became what he once despised. It's not unheard of. I think the fact that Moore depicted Apollo more or less sympathetically even though he mutineed against his father for the sake of democratic principles is indicative that Moore does appreciate a "liberal" viewpoint to some degree.

Of course with Blanders and Caprica coming back I have my own problems with the later eps. What a dud Michael Trucco is. He can't act. He just can't act. He's so generic, romance of the week fodder except that he's a himbo instead of a bimbo. Those chicks from Star Trek: TOS were only meant to show up once for a reason. I'm extremely disappointed that Eick listened to Sackhoff. She must the guy. Yuck. Where exactly is he going to fit in anyway? I'm incensed that he'll take screentime from someone more deserving, all to make Kara more "feminine and gooey" and Lee all petulant and jealous. We don't need either of those to happen, and we certainly don't need to see Caprica again. Michael Trucco is not a good enough actor to compromise your storyline for. Have you seen the guy in Wishmaster 4? It's absurd. There's a reason that Jamie Bamber was in the Horation Hornblower series, that EJO and Mary McDonnell have won awards, and that Michael Trucco was in Wishmaster 4. If you want to ship Lee and Dualla like you hinted at, Ron, just ship Lee and Dualla. You don't need to have Kara/Blanders set it off. Sheesh.

On a more positive note, look at this still of Jamie Bamber from the next first run episode. What a lovely hipbone.
No wonder he and his wife have had 3 kids in two years. I couldn't say no to this guy either.

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