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Re: Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

A refresher...

TORRES: Great. You two can be our safety experts.
VORIK: Have we completed our preparations to your satisfaction?
TORRES: We're done here, yes.
VORIK: Let me take this opportunity to declare koon-ut so'lik, my desire to become your mate.
VORIK: In human terms, I am proposing marriage. Do you accept?
TORRES: This is, er, a little sudden, isn't it? Besides, I thought that Vulcan marriages were arranged. Don't you already have somebody back home?
VORIK: She has sufficient reason to consider me lost, and has most likely chosen another mate. It's appropriate for me to do the same.
TORRES: And you've chosen me?
VORIK: I have come to greatly admire not only your impressive technical skills, but also your bravery and sense of moral duty, all excellent qualities in a prospective mate.
TORRES: But you're Vulcan. I am half-Klingon. I really can't imagine
VORIK: Perhaps we are not an obvious match. However, our differences would complement each other. You've often expressed frustration with your Klingon temper. My mental discipline would help you control it. Furthermore, I feel that
TORRES: Wait, please. Please, I'm, I see that you've given this a lot of, er, logical thought and I really am very flattered, but my answer is no. I'm sorry.
VORIK: B'Elanna! You may wish to reconsider. Your choices for a mate are currently limited to seventy three male crew members on this ship, some of whom are already unavailable.
TORRES: I'll worry about my choices myself, thank you.
VORIK: I should also remind you that many humanoid species are unable to withstand Klingon mating practices
TORRES: Okay, that's enough.
VORIK: whereas my superior Vulcan strength would make me a very suitable partner.
He liked her inside and out.

Unable to withstand Klingon mating practices?

Why is Vorik bringing up Kim in a moment of heightened intimacy?
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