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I think you take the whole 'sexual equality' thing of a show that was born in the sixties a little too seriously. It's Star Trek, it is what it is. There's lots of other shows that do far better on the 'sexual equality' count, you'd likely be happier watching those.
I hope you don't take ME a little too seriously. Every one of my rants is tongue in cheek.

Battlestar Galactica did do the equality of the sexes far better and I did enjoy it but sexism is not acceptable anywhere. I don't think it's fair that fewer actresses get speaking roles in this franchise and even in the sixties they were blowing the trumpet of equality - albeit they thought 66/33 was equal until TMP when they went for 50/50. Starfleet is supposed to espouse equality - the concept isn't flawed; the execution of that concept by the writers is flawed and has been in every version of Trek where 66/33 has been maintained in the face of hollow words about equality. Right now 66/33 in this franchise would be a big improvement I love pointing that out. They are sliding backwards!
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