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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

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I think we need a positive thread section cause all the old trek nerds are going NUTS with their nerd rage
It's strange. I mean, look at the rating on rotten tomatoes; by all accounts, I should have loved it. I went in expecting to love it; I left deflated and disappointed. I thought ST09, while not without it's flaws, was a decent flick.
This is me. I really liked ST09 and did a lot of defending of it to my actual nerdraged friends -- who were pretty few and far between. I saw some weaknesses, and some challenges, but was pretty confident that Orci & Abrams would learn and overcome them in Star Trek XII. And then... they didn't. In my opinion, anyway. It started out strong and then sputtered -- not because they made Harrison be Khan, but because they lost all thematic coherence around the time Harrison was revealed to be Khan. And that made me sad.

Still a fun movie. The acting was really, really terrific all around, even when the script was not supporting them. I'll see it again -- probably twice more. But I don't expect to pull it off a shelf in 15 years and stick it in the Holo-ray Player or whatever we're using for DVDs by that point.

So, yeah... no nerd-rage here, either. Just a frowny face and mild surprise that so many others thought it was a "kickbutt, awesomee film". Maybe I'll see it differently on second viewing.
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