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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like a burned Kryten?

DavidLeeRoth wrote: View Post
The ridges changed over time, but that could be how Klingons naturally age, idk. But Worf still looked like a Klingon, from season to season. All of the Klingons from the 80s/90s have a distinct look. I can't think of a single Klingon from TNG/DS9/Voy that looks like a burned marshmallow the way the one from ID looks. Yes, Chang was bald, but he still looked like a Klingon. Not to be a contrarian, but the Klingon from ID just doesn't look like a Klingon to me.
Well, that's your opinion, and that's fine, but to me, they're all Klingons, and they all look like Klingons, and more importantly, they are all Klingons. Also, the picture from your first post, that's not the Klingon Uhura speaks to when she confronts them. When you see him, the forehead ridges are very obvious.

Which I do have to ask, if you can make allowances for age when gauging appearance, why can't you allow for environment, time, modification, or anything else for these particular Klingons? I mean, if a Klingon's ridges can change as they age, maybe when they're younger the ridges are more fine? Maybe less structured? Certainly that's plausible in this scenario as well.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
IIRC, Christopher Plummer himself asked for his Klingon makeup to be 'reduced' a bit. You might almost think that Chang was a QuchHa'.

That being said, I think Chang AND the Klingon from STID look just as Klingon as any other one we've seen.
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