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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like a burned Kryten?

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I wouldn't use Worf as an example. His makeup changed many times over the course of TNG, DS9 and the movies.




DS9 S4:

DS9 S6:

This doesn't even count the movies. So Worf's appearance is different, as is his appearance compared to the Klingons from the Trek movies.

In any case, none of them look like Kryten, so you are mistaken. The Klingons in STXII have clearly defined ridges. It was very easy to see in the movie.
The ridges changed over time, but that could be how Klingons naturally age, idk. But Worf still looked like a Klingon, from season to season. All of the Klingons from the 80s/90s have a distinct look. I can't think of a single Klingon from TNG/DS9/Voy that looks like a burned marshmallow the way the one from ID looks. Yes, Chang was bald, but he still looked like a Klingon. Not to be a contrarian, but the Klingon from ID just doesn't look like a Klingon to me.
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