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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

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Am I the only one thinking he came out of a kickbutt, awesomee film?

I think we need a positive thread section cause all the old trek nerds are going NUTS with their nerd rage
No, you're certainly not alone. I think a thread for those of us who weren't blown away by it would be more appropriate - we're the minority, not you.

It's strange. I mean, look at the rating on rotten tomatoes; by all accounts, I should have loved it. I went in expecting to love it; I left deflated and disappointed. I thought ST09, while not without it's flaws, was a decent flick. It seems as though you were all invited to a party and had a blast. Which sucks, because I normally get invited to those parties and have a blast myself. So, it's a real WTF? feeling when you look around the forum and find yourself in disagreement with a lot of people you would normally concur with.

Regarding any nerd rage, I'm short on that - sorry. None of my quibbles have been with any violation of "the.... CANNNONN!!!!!" They want to beam to another star system with secret tech - cool. Picard and co. thought themselves to the other side of the Universe and beyond in TNG Season 1. Whatever. Or Ricardoblany-cumber... khanny-or rather comparisons. Don't care.
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