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i need your help please it is about new star trek club

i need to know how of you like star trek?

would you like to see a walk thru of a full web page to start? that would make you have your own web page?

do you think a star ship can be built on land as a school?

would you like to be in the old unform of star trek? with out the women being in the mini skirt. it would be in the same colors from the tv show.

do any one of you know about web page makeing?

this is under this basic nondiseclosure agreement that i am getting every one give you all.

i need to know if you like the way the old star ship is layed out?
if you don't like it please let me know what you would like to see what is inside of it?.

any one of you got kick out of this web site startrek dod com?

any of you in a sta trek club?, what is your rank?

i am getting this stared by the end of this year.

i am looking for a lot of help from a lot of you persons who like star trek. you can get a hold of me thru here. you can also tell others about my idea of this star ship.

more to come after i get any of you to help me. i want to know what state you live in?
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