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Posted by frankncc72405a:
Posted by flamingliberal:
Anyway, I really think that the whole "idiot stupid peaceniks insist on a terribly self-destuctive and trgically naieve course of action" plot is something I probably won't like. It ties into something that has bothered me about Zarak since Colonial Day.

The depiction of so-called "liberals" in this show is really off-putting. They are depicted in both instances as being so blinded by their ideology and docterines that they are incapable of recognizing necessity and pragmatic priorities. In Colonial Day, Zarak's rhetoric regarding the gardener is a perfect example of this: "Why is he still working?" Well, because it's better than standing around with his thumb up his ass waiting to be obliterated, that's why. Why do we still have government? Well, because a society requires certain things in order to function, all the more so when the lives of every individual within that society depend, on and hour-to-hour basis upon the effectiveness of the leadership.

The whole "peacenik" story seems to be an exention of this theme that people whose ideals may not be necessarily comaptble with a changed circumtance, are incapable or recognizing that.

I really don't think we have seen a "peacenik" in Zarek, more of a "Nelson Mandela-gone-haywire" type of opportunistic, anti-establishment character. The "Mandela" tie-in is solely based on his resorting to violence and subsequent imprisonment, so please don't overreact.
A, I never overreact, don't worry about that!

B, I was unclear. I don't think of Zarak as a "peacenik", but believe that on a certain level, relating to generalized ideological stereotypes, he and the upcoming group of "peaceniks" are part of the same demographic so to speak.

His motives are really not for the people but for himself, so that he can lead the people and become the guy in charge.
See, I think there are more shades of grey to the character. While I will grant that your assesment seems to be the case now, I feel that we lack the background information on his actions in the Colonies to say one way or another whether he started out with altruistic goals or not. I refuse to believe that he had no reason for his revolutionary actions other than a power-grab. There has to be more to his story or he becomes a caracature.

We saw it best in Home pt1&2 where he is using Roslin's religious interpretation to forward his own agenda. I have not seen this as a liberal or peacenik methodology.
It certainly can be. In politics you use whatever you can to advance you agenda. That's just the way it works. In other words, sometimes the ends can justify the means. Now, for most, there is an ethical line that you just don't cross, but I would venture to say that Zarak's line, if he has one, is probably pretty vague and far away.

Now, when the storyline concerning the groups that want to make peace with the cylons do show up on screen later this season, we will then truly see how RDM and DE view the "liberal/peacenik" mindset. Until then, hold your fire.
Agreed. Heh, fire. Clever!
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