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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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I'm pretty sure Emma frost in Origins doesn't work with the Emma Frost in First Class
Well, to even see her called "Emma Frost" you have to watch the trailers, because in the movie she isn't called that. I'm sure she was intended to be Emma Frost originally, but I think the "official" story is now that she was just Kayla's sister Emma who was not Emma Frost. This was said by Lauren Shuler Donner IIRC, and it implies that they see FC and Origins as in some sense being in the same continuity if they felt the need to clarify that at all.

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Origins is constantly ignored/contradicted in FC, it stands to reason that Origins is pretty much non canon for the X-Men movies now
For whatever reason, FC simply wasn't very careful in maintaining consistency with the previous films, including X3 and the first film. By the above logic that means those films are also "pretty much non canon". We know, however, that both The Wolverine and DOFP are intended to be in continuity with X3, despite the fact that FC appeared to contradict it.
It could go either way, but I personally just pretend Origins didn't happen. Removing it from existence doesn't cause any continuity problems, and fixes the Sabertooth thing (to be clear I wish X1 Sabertooth had been more of a character than a lacky in X1, but if you have to fix stuff then it would be Origins version that doesn't fit). As for Emma, that sounds like retcon that happened after Origins came out. She was obviously supposed to be Emma Frost. I'm not inclined to give Origins any slack, although I'll admnit you can remove Emma as an issue becuas ethey don't use the name frost in the movie, and her sister doesn't work with the character anyway.

Also, wasn't Xavier walking in Origins, but he'll be in a wheel chair in DOFP? Although, to be fair, he's gone from wheelchair bound to walking several times in the comics, so you could just say at one point he got better, than lost the ability to walk again sometime after Origins. Still, there is really no reason to accept the movies major flaws (and the fact that it just sucks) since even the people in charge seem to realise it sucks. Since it can be completely ignored and cause absolutely no problems with X1-3 and FC, personally I intend to ignore it, and I doubt it will get referenced in any more X-movies, or even the new wolverine movie. Maybe similar events, but I doubt screwed up Deadpool will be brought up, or magic bullets. I honestly wouldn't be surprised, if they keep making X-Movies without a reboot, if Gambit just shows up either in FC or a Wolverine movie in a way that completely ignores his appearance in Origins. I'm not saying parts wouldn't fit, I just don't think the X-movie makers will be using Origins or achknowledging it in future stuff.
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