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Read further back and see what triggered that entire exchange. I posted a quote I found humorous which makes fun of the film. And one of the supporters pounced.

As for seeing the film, I have enough info to know I will not like it. I'll rip it apart after I see the library's Blu-Ray copy in 6 months.
See, I don't get this. You already "know" you're going to hate the movie, and yet in six months, when the movie comes out on disc, you're going to "rip it apart." It's like all you seek to do is tear down what someone else created, and you don't even know what they've created, because you already "know" that you won't like it. I mean, it's your money to waste, but it just doesn't make any sense. How can you hate something you've never seen, and look forward to hating it once you see it?
Apparently I'm not qualified to comment on it if I don't see it. Even though from what I've read, I don't like the story. It's the story that counts. All the acting and FX in the world cannot save the story for me. And there will be no money involved, cause I'm borrowing it.
Okay, then assist the conversation until then by not participating. Any contribution you make will be informed by ignorance.
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