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Saw it again in 2D. I think that'll be it for me until it's realsed on blu-ray.

- Caught the Mudd reference this time. Great nod to the Countdown to Darkness prequel comic.

- I take back what I said about the humor. It came off better on a second viewing.

- Khan's people were in pods in this movie but they weren't in "Space Seed".

- The Enterprise's design seems kind of flimsy with the warp nacelle pylons attached to the shuttle bay. Never took note of that before. Super strong 23rd century materials?

- Loved that portable hole.

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That is one ugly impulse deck they put on the Enterprise at the end of the film.
Saw it the second time around. I like it.

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The ship sizes are all over the place. Enterprise is still huge. Vengeance is even bigger. And yet the port Kirk and Khan aim for is on deck 13. Which is halfway up the engineering hull. So basically the Vengeance is the size of Voyager.
Each deck is huge like the area where Scotty was. This is a pure military vessel. Gotta have big decks to hold all those weapons and equipment.

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Why doesn't anyone know who Khan is? He is literally the historical equivalent of Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, etc... probably WORSE
As mentioned in "Space Seed", he was unknown even in his own time.

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Khan Noonien Singh is Sikh... I haven't met a lot of white english Sikh men born in 1970. A problem especially considering (although yes I know Montalban is a Spaniard), the timeline hadn't yet branched when Khan was born and Khan should probably at least look SIMILAR to the one from TWOK
Plastic surgery with the new name.

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It's spelled Qo'Nos!!!
"Kronos" became the english designation because the two words sound so much alike.

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Carol Marcus: Why is she British?
Raised in the UK after the destruction of the Kelvin.

For a lot of these issues, it's easy to come up with your own explanations if you need to.

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