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8. Khan Noonien Singh is Sikh... I haven't met a lot of white english Sikh men born in 1970. A problem especially considering (although yes I know Montalban is a Spaniard), the timeline hadn't yet branched when Khan was born and Khan should probably at least look SIMILAR to the one from TWOK

10. Spock is clearly the better officer... why is Kirk getting command of the Enterprise? Not once, but TWICE!? Because he goes with his "gut..." I heard someone essentially call him the G.W. Bush of the Abramsverse... seems about accurate.

12. You're ordered to abandon ship and the crew refuses to comply... Their staying behind served no useful function in restoring power to the ship.

18. Uhura's moment to shine with her skills, literally the only moment in the movie that suggested that maybe intellect would win over brawn, is shat on by a gunfight

20. Why did the Vengeance officer wait 6 minutes to shoot Scotty? All the while listening to Kirk's specific instructions on boarding the ship over the comm? Speaking of which, Kirk's body would have been pulverized into chunky salsa with that landing
8. I think they were worried that if they darkened Cumberbatch's skin or blackened his hair it would have given the game away but leaving him with blue eyes did seem to be underscoring the fact that he wasn't even remotely south asian in ethnicity. It would have been nice to something subtle alluding to his ethnicity or faith such as a ceremonial dagger. If there was, I missed it.

10. TOS Spock was the finest first officer in the fleet but he had no desire to be captain in TOS especially given the racism against aliens at the time, which also seems to be present in NuTrek given how few there are among the top starfleet brass (sexist AND racist - they really are reminiscent of 21st century Earth).

I agree that NuSpock seems to have none of that reluctance to lead, being a higher rank at an earlier date here and he has 5+ years more experience than Kirk too. It's like promoting ENSIGN Chekov, with his year of experience as a navigator, shadowing Scotty on a part-time basis, to be in charge of engineering instead of Lieutenant Mulhall who has been working in engineering for the last year. She'll probably transfer to the rim with Christine Chapel and Elizabeth Dehner if she's already hit the glass ceiling.

12. I think this shows why you shouldn't appoint an ensign as your chief engineer. You have 400 crew probably a third of whom will be engineers and technicians. You are at red alert when damage control teams must take up positions all over the ship. The ship is broken and has no warp power, impulse power OR thrusters to maintain its orbit. The damage control teams are... somewhere else? Lost in the brewery perhaps?

18. I felt that allowing Uhura on the volcano mission was ok BUT they should have also had a geophysicist or volcanologist to provide expert advice. Spock is an astrophysicist and a computer expert. Uhura is a technician. Using characters for the sake of using them is ok as long as it isn't stupid. This was one of the most annoying pits that Voyager fell into e.g. using Kim and Neelix on a geology mission instead of introducing a ship's geologist. This can lead to the stagnation of the character dynamic in a series. In a movie franchise it just looks silly and it's something that NuTrek seems willing to use a lot. I do want to see them use the characters BUT assigning Chekov to assist the new chief engineer would have made FAR more sense than making him the chief and could have led to a similar amount of dialogue.

Uhura on the Qo'Nos mission was consolation for overlooking the fact that she was best qualified to accompany Kirk on the Romulan mission in the previous movie (lets not forget that Spock just turned up and insisted that he join in - it wasn't Kirk's command decision). It was moderately appropriate but yeah, it was a shame that she wasn't allowed to be smarter and more effective. TOS Uhura was very successful at bluffing opponents.

20. This was very silly and drawn out. He didn't even raise the intruder alarm. Scotty was in a starfleet vessel with a stonking great ID beacon and he managed to get inside a secure facility without needing so much as an ID badge. In fairness he could have disengaged the beacon but a vessel with no beacon should still have been challenged - we can locate unidentified aircraft with our current level of tech after all. With such appalling levels of security for secure sites, maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that the guard was dumb. We also have to consider that Earth security took no action to intervene to prevent a battle in near Earth orbit, tow damaged ships out to a stable orbit, or use tractor beams, force fields, or missiles to protect populated areas.

It's up there with an emergency escape pod telling its inhabitant to wait for rescue from the outpost mere kilometers from the landing site without attempting to contact said outpost (which should have been able to beam Kirk to the base). In fact, why did Spock waste a life pod at all. He'd have been better off beaming Kirk straight to the station brig and save an important resource for the upcoming battle.

No wonder they needed Khan to help them out. It's the plot of Demolition Man all over again!
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