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Re: Would you use a transporter?

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I don't believe in souls, which is precisely why I DON'T believe the original person survives transport.
"Survives" is a loaded term. The original body/person is in one place, then it is no more, and then it is in another place.

Is it the same body? Yes (or at least, that's how the magical technology of transporter is supposed to work). So, the issue can't be one of material component. The issue seems to be continuity of consciousness. You seem to imply that there should be continuity of consciousness to be the same person. But we don't have continuity of consciousness. Every time you fall asleep, your consciousness is interrupted. During the night, a lot of stuff happens inside your body: molecules are created and destroyed, atoms are shifted around, and particles do all the crazy stuff that particles do. Does the original person survive the night? Or a slightly different copy wakes up in the morning, thinking it is the original?

If you fall asleep on a plane, you can travel thousands of miles before you regain consciousness. From your own point of view, how is it different from travelling with a transporter?

Or, taking a slightly different approach but still asking the same question: what is lost inside the transporter? It can't be matter, it can't be energy, it can't be information. So what is it?

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You're the once claiming that there is some immeasurable identity being passed from original to copy during transport.
No. I am arguing that identity is a consequence, not a premise. (*)

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I am saying that what I am is a body sitting at a desk right now. If I am converted to energy, I am no more
But then you are again.

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regardless of whether that energy is converted into an identical copy of me or not.
If the copy is identical, how is it not you?

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Saying that the copy is still me means there is something more than the sum of my parts that gets passed on, and I just don't see it.
No. Refer to (*).
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