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They most likely could have been resuscitated in their time. But what would be the point then if technology of their time could not repair the damage.
They were dead...

The Neutral Zone wrote:
CRUSHER: Right now, they are all sleeping. Each of them needed minor medical attention. Minor now, but then their conditions were obviously terminal. One had a heart problem, another had an advanced case of emphysema with extensive liver damage. You know the most surprising thing of all, is that each of them had been frozen after they died.
I hate when people try to tap dance to explain why something's okay in something they like but it's a crime against humanity if it's in something they don't like (or refuse to see).
Dude, give it a rest already. We can resuscitate clinically dead people NOW.

Are you aware that dying of advanced emphysema and liver damage is more biologically and medically complex than the kind of "clinical death" that we resuscitate people from?
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