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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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One thing that I thought was really odd was when Ryan and Espo were working with that tech on that laptop, the camera hung on her for a couple of extra seconds for no apparant reason. Maybe they're going to develop her as a character more next season?
Yeah I noticed that too. The actress is cute, and Espo was mugging at her, so I thought they did that to show that he was into her or something.

I've now watched the proposal a bunch of times and I guess I can accept that it was supposed to be a show of "seriousness" on Castle's part but I still think he did a lame job on it.

And if Beckett decided to stay at the NYPD in the interrogation room scene, why did she tell Ryan and Espo "There's something I have to tell you guys"? Why would she need to tell them that she was staying despite a job offer when they didn't even know about the job offer to begin with? I think she decided to take it.
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