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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

41. Oblivion: B+
42. Iron Man 3: B-
43. Planet Hulk: A-
44. Welcome to the Jungle: F
45. The Time Travelers Wife: B+

Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams star in this film from a few years ago which I finally got around to seeing. I thought it was a well done film. Probably handled his time jumping and various ages of him appearing as they could have without nitpicking it too much. The wedding day time jump were pretty good. The one nit pick I would make is that he clearly can affect things. Picking the winning Lotto numbers proves that. So when he says he's tried to stop his mothers death but every time it still happens, I just don't think he's tried the right thing yet. If I know I die of a gun shot wound I'm very aware of each jump my surroundings. When I jump into a wooded area and am 10' from a deer, I instantly duck not look back over my shoulder. Still, he kinda still lives on beyond his lifetime cause now he's jumping in a connected manner attached to his daughter. Overall a very solid movie I thought.
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