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Apparently I'm not qualified to comment on it if I don't see it.
Perhaps when it comes to very negative comments on a Trek board yes, in any event basher or gusher comments coming from people who have never seen the movie, are basing their comments on pure emotions one way or another.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot, let's say you see a movie that you like, but somebody has seen the trailers and knows the plot, but has not seen the movie, and says they don't like it and it sucks.

Would you not admonish that person to first see the movie then make an INFORMED opinion ?
Yeah, it's not "I saw it and I didn't like it," that gets the scoffing criticism, it's the "I haven't seen it and I hate it, and I hope it fails, and I'll never ever never no not ever never see it ever!" crowd.

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