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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

Posted by insert_name_here:
Ok here's the deal, I want a one stop spoiler thread for the drugs we all know as BSG spoilers So don't bother with the code here, but don't change the thread title to give away spoilers.

So for those who want to know more then they should, who want to speculate or want to add some spoiler news post here.

I have a spoiler for you

Laura Roslin and her fate

Tonight on Shunomac's Subject2Discussion show at lvrocks, a major spoiler was revealed concerning Laura Roslin's fate on the new Battlestar Galactica series.

In Episode 212, airing right after 211 where Cain's fate is sealed, President Roslin is close to the point of death from her cancer. But Dr. Gaius Baltar saves the day by taking stem cells from Boomer-Caprica's unborn child, thus saving Roslin.

So the next inquiry is if Laura is indeed given a clean bill of health, who is the dying leader that will lead the Galacticans to Earth? Is it perhaps Commander Adama or maybe some other character?

In any case, this one episode will be generating a flurry of activity on the Galactica boards for months to come. Remember that you read it here first on Flight Deck. And keep watching Battlestar Galactica for more twists and turns to come this second season.


If that ain't a spoiler I don't know what is

Stem cells people way to bring on the controversy Mr Moore.
Waits for the heads to roll
Lamest. Spoiler. Ever.

Some of the storylines being spoiled for post-Pegasus sound really, really, really weak.

I'm torn right now whether "stem cells" is the worst, or whether "Lee's son" is the worst. That's pretty tough competition.

"Stem cells" may be the worst, because it's both TOO topical [there is a line between metaphor to modern political situations, and pure hamhanded hackery. "Flesh and Bone" is on the right side of that line. Without even seeing the episode I can tell you that "Stem Cells" is on the wrong side of that line] and because it sounds very, very technobabbly - Caprican medical science couldn't cure cancer, but Baltar can whip something up in ten minutes in a lab the size of a walk-in closet, just because he gets magical "stem cells"? Dumb. Dumbie dumb dumb.
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