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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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USS Vengeance scale. To quote Mr. Scott: Holy shit!
Seriously? Does this really make perfect sense to you?
Why shouldn't it? Why and how to they pick sizes and shapes for ships in Trek's world? The Enterprise is a goofy shape.

How do you explain or justify the Nova (small), Intrepid (medium) and Sovereign (large) classes, all versions of the same basic shape?
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Here are some more:

I never said the hanger bay was 18m across. I said it was at least 26m from my measurements (at the bay doors -- it gets wider as you go in). Why do you keep pushing an incorrect figure? And furthermore, only the biggest shuttles are 12m long. The rest are shorter.
You repeatedly said 350m for the new Enterprise's overall length. I gave you a little more, 366m, the stated concept design size. Now you're telling me it's not enough to fit?
This makes no sense. Why would the wall be visible in the adjacent window? It's clearly another room or hallway.
Basic perspective, as taught in high school art. I even drew a comparison.
Those rooms clearly fit in your lower insert, despite your attempt to eschew the size. There has to be room between the floors for infrastructure and the like (piping, J tubes, conduits, etc....). No way more than two decks could be there and include that.
There would be room enough. As I said before, we see the deck heights in the corridor junction.
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