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Heh sounds about right! Although I wouldn't be surprised if some of the officers were temporarily re-assigned, just to make sure they're helping out and....staying out of trouble.
And Chekov was assigned to the Reliant.

By the way, did Khan see Chekov in this movie?
I don't think he did. By the time Khan came along, Chekov was already in engineering.
So, if Cumberbatch comes back, the first person he sees should be Chekov. He'll say, "You look familiar. I never forget a face. Mr. Chekov, isn't it?"

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Is it just me or does Quinto seem to be getting a little doughy?
It's not just you.
Maybe with all that's been going on in his life, Spock is hitting the plomeek soup a little too hard.

That reminds me, I heard Pine say on Letterman that he put on twenty pounds to play Kirk after running into Abrams at a party a few months before shooting. Abrams told by him that he needed to bulk up and get ready.
He had lost it all by his appearance on Letterman. He's thin as a rail, and topped it off by wearing a promintently pinstriped suit.
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