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I am guessing Moira's trial will last most of next season. Gives a plot line for both Laurel and Moira to work on.
If it does I will be sad.

Speaking as someone who went to school for Law, though she was complicit in what happened, there's a portion of the law known as the force of personality doctrine meaning if someone forced you to do something under death threat, you're actions are mitigates; not necessarily dismissed, but mitigated.

Arresting after the press conference, legally speaking was absolutely the right thing to do. No question. Investigating her ties to the situation is also legally sound as is having a trial.

Finding her guilty for conspiracy or terrorism under death threat is certainly not founded and the show would be doing the justice system a disservice "rendering" such any sort of a verdict in a fictional show.
Good thing I said "trial" and not "found guilty". The trial can easily be dragged out over a season.
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