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Boy, I didn't think it possible for J.J. Abrams to simultaneously piss, shit and vomit on Roddenberry's tombstone or whatever it is he has. I'm not kidding.

Oh, wait... Yes, I am kidding!

The movie was nothing short of spectacular from beginning to end and I can't wait to see it again tonight with the wife!

I do have a few nits, a curiosity and a couple of observations.

Curiosity: they never did explain why the Enterprise needed to hide in the ocean on Niburu. It would've been nice to have a reason for hiding a starship there. I know the real world reason was to give it a grand reveal to open the film, but an in-universe reason would've been nice.

Nit 1: They should've left it vague on how long Khan had actually been awake. Seems like he accomplished an awful lot in a short period of time. Especially the Vengeance, considering it took at least three years to build the Enterprise.

Nit 2: Khan seems to like to crush skulls as his finishing move. He kept trying to crush Spock's when it seems he should've simply ripped his heart out.

Nit 3: That is one ugly impulse deck they put on the Enterprise at the end of the film.

Observation 1: While I know the intent was for Cumberbatch to be Khan, I think they left themselves some wiggle room. If they have a Khan story they could bring in a new actor to play him and pass off Harrison as another augment who took the title.

Observation 2: The flipped TWOK death scene and Khan's magic blood didn't play nearly as badly as I anticipated. I actually thought they worked quite well.
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