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No the structural damage to her bones is actually in reality faaar worse. The amount of torque on her in upper atmosphere with no power is bad brother
And how am I exaggerating the entire front third of the primary hull on fire and twisting as she fell into The damage is a bitch
So you are saying they fixed all that in more in a couple months? Ha ha ha
The ship, while falling through the atmosphere, managed to right herself with her thrusters. That is an ENORMOUS amount of lift and strain on the hull, and yet it survived. So I doubt the damage was as bad as it seemed.
'Survived' and remaining spaceworthy are probably worlds apart. USS LIBERTY, a LIBERTY class boat used for intelligence gathering in the 60s, took a torpedo hit after being strafed and napalmed by the Israelis and somehow stayed afloat, but it was sold for scrap.

The very strain on the hull you mention would presumably impose greater structural damage than had come from the attack. Unless the hull is made from adobe (see old SNL car commercial to get the full joke there) or is a material that you can just heat to reshape, it certainly sounds like very serious problems.

Then again, they can always use the 'this is x-years from now, it'll be different then' defense. It sure got trotted out enough for the built-on-Earth-so-you-can-calibrate-warpengines-in-a-gravity-well horseshit.
In a world where they can deconstruct people on the quantum level and reassemble them, intact and functioning normally, a great distance away, I'm not really going to question their ability to build and repair their faster-than-light starships.

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