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But luckily I have you to explain it all to me, gornsky.

Pray tell, oh Prince of Doucheness, what nuggets of wisdom you have to bequeath the rest of us mere mortals.
Infraction for flaming. Comments to PM. Let's leave the personal remarks at the door, please.
Does this mean GORNSKY shouldn't have to elaborate on his evaluation of the other guy's moviegoing skills?

Y'know, to prove it is somehow in accordance with all those, 'it's about the movie not the poster' posting guidelines.
Emphasis mine.

You know better, trevanian. Pull a stunt like this again and it'll be a warning.
"Recently my 8 year-old cousin asked me, with a wicked twinkle in his eye, if I'd ever microwaved a banana. I'm terrified to try, but I'm sure whatever happens—splattering, abrupt, radioactive—sounds exactly like an Annie Clark guitar solo."
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