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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

And he's also assuming they're all heavy cruisers like the Enterprise rather than a mix of classes. I reject that simply because it takes a small and simplistic view of Starfleet's makeup.
Not really. It only indicates that this particular display covers the Star Ships currently under repair; another display titled "Star Destroyer Status" would then obviously cover the destroyer-class vessels, and so forth.

We have no real idea of the scope of this SB11 thing. The bar we visit is small, but the base currently hosts several of Kirk's old acquaintances - something we can interpret as defending the idea that Starfleet is a teeny weeny organization, or the completely opposite idea that SB11 is a vast facility processing hundreds of ships. If the latter, having a dozen Star Ships there wouldn't be all that unlikely, and the scattershot registries would support the idea that Kirk's ship and her 11-12 sisters (in the 17XX range) represent only a tiny fraction of the Star Ship force.

the fact that Stone pulled the repair crew from the Intrepid was clear evidence that work on her hadn't been finished, yet.
Far from clear IMHO. We've seen the dialogue quoted, on the previous page: Stone believes a team is currently working on the Intrepid. Yet a display listing work on the Intrepid already completed would not be in contradiction of this, because the display would then merely confirm what Stone has already decided and now orders his underlings to execute. That is, Stone first sets the degree of completion on the Intrepid at 100%, then informs his underlings of the matter...

The same argument would naturally enable us to believe the Intrepid is not on the chart: Stone would have removed her before calling the team. Thus both the 1831 and 1631 identities can be defended.

Timo Saloniemi
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