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Ok saw it
Liked it a great deal but there are a few things that I could nitpick to death that irritated the shit out of me. Won't do that now but here are a few points no one else seems to be talking about that I took note of:

1. There is no way the Enterprise isn't utterly destroyed with the damage inflicted on it. No fleet could or would bother repairing her unless you were to take a huuuuuuuuge artistic license leap of faith.
- deflector deck and dish destroyed
- warp engines destroyed
- warp pylons shredded
- primary hull twisted, burning huge chunks missing
- stress cracks apparently (galactica style) under bridge deck and all over hull
- hangar bay twisted ravaged and destroyed
- brewery section of engineering twisted shattered and destroyed
- huge chunks missing from secondary hull

I know we take even greater leaps of story faith in this universe and that doesn't bother me but there is no navy in all of sci fi that wouldn't scrap the ship in the condition shown and rebuild her. Maybe that is implied at the end when it is revealed a year has passed and she is rechristened. New impulse engines looked like. Wish imax had pause

Peter Weller is magnificent but his few good men riff before his demise was laughable. He had me up to that point and deflated me with that direct lifting from a few good men. Very corny
McCoy in short sleeve Bones medi tunic - worth the price of admission. Urban is perfect
Spocks Khan howl was bad just bad , spoiled a perfect tender moment that tore my guts out. A lot like Weller being perfect the doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation, why??
- new warp core very cool but the warp engines still apparently don't have warp tubes connecting to it?

- if in the first film the big aluminum beer silos were all warp cores and now she has one proper warp core why does she still have the beer silo warp cores
- if she still has beer silo backup warp cores why couldn't they be activated when the new primary core failed??

- now i know what happens when an imperial star destroyer plows into the heart of a major city.any doubts about the vengeance size are put to bed
Sad to see pike go would rather have seen him f-cked up to the point where he had to beep away in a chair
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