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Re: Would you use a transporter?

I am not. Only one of my potentially infinite bodily incarnations is.

The point of the kill-copy transporter is that the individual is no longer consigned to a single body. If there's some sort of a "unique identity" associated with one of the incarnations, it's associated with all the rest as well, because it's not possible to assign different identities to identical copies.

I mean, yeah, you could say "Hey you! You the third identical copy from the left!". But you can't do that with the kill-copy transporter, because the copy cannot be distinguished from the original even in terms of spatial coordinates, not at any point of time as the two won't exist in parallel. Any sort of "identity" assigned here is purely fictional and of no consequence to anybody except those who choose to care about utter fiction (yeah, yeah, all the folks here, but with a somewhat different flavor).

There's no "me" that would exist outside the unbroken chain of incarnations, and nothing stops, nothing starts. Thus it's no different from blinking your eyes, or farting, except that your state of existence is altered much less between "before" and "after".

Timo Saloniemi
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