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But... we don't get it. Instead, we get a I-can't-believe-they're-going-there tensionless riff on the other iconic part of "Wrath"'s climax. (To paraphrase Sisko in "Paradise Lost," "You're stealing the WRONG PARTS, Admiral!")
It's interesting you mention Paradise Lost. The story to STID had the foundations of a great Paradise Lost-esque story r.e. conspiracy within the Federation. To me, it felt more like a story like this and that the Khan angle was just shoehorned in there for the sake of having a visible villain. I swear, take Khan out of the story, make a few minor changes and we would have had a much better movie along the lines of Paradise Lost and ST: TUC.

Did anyone else get a
Absolutely agree there was no reason to make Harrison Khan. Make him one of Section 31's operatives pissed at being hosed by Marcus for some reason, but then they'd have to write a real ending to the movie. Same reason they did not have to use an Alt-timeline in the first film. Use Spock as a framing Device, telling the story of their first meeting, Had they done that this Khan story would have never happened
Beyond wanting to bring Kahn back, there are plenty of reasons to make him Kahn ... explain his "super powers", have a good bad guy, and he generally fits in to where they are in the timeline verus the prime universe.
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