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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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-Transwarp beaming (a technology from the primeverse's 2387) can teleport a person from Earth all the way to Kronos and possibly further, although as we saw in the last movie, not without risk. This has the potential to hugely affect the novelverse. At the very least, it means Scotty could rematerialize just about anywhere after beaming off the exploding USS Challenger in Indistinguishable From Magic. If it's ignored it would be a shame, IMO.
As I've said before, there's already an interstellar transporter technology that was known to exist prior to 2370, the subspace transporter used in TNG: "Bloodlines." But as that episode explained, it's rarely used because of the immense power expenditure and risk involved. I don't see anything in the way transwarp beaming has been portrayed in the films that requires it to be a new technology rather than this very same one. In both of the cases we've seen it used, it's been an emergency use, a situation where the risk was seen as warranted. Its more advanced form in this movie could be a consequence of Khan's superintelligent weapons research on Section 31's behalf -- maybe he found a way to take it farther than scientists in the Primeverse did. Perhaps because he was less concerned about safety.

So if you want to talk about the consequences of interstellar beaming to the novelverse, it should be a conversation about the ramifications of "Bloodlines." This has been a potential issue for 19 years now; it's just that nobody really opted to address the issue because "Bloodlines" wasn't all that memorable an episode.

-We saw more of Kronos, although it appeared to be undergoing a post-Praxis apocalypse.
A lot of stuff does seem to be happening prematurely in the Abramsverse. The tech is more advanced, the dress uniforms resemble those seen in TMP (though I loved the costuming nod to the hat glimpsed in Pike's quarters in "The Cage"), and if you accept the comics (which I have some doubts about, as expressed in the relevant thread), then a lot of Kirk's missions are happening years sooner as well. Maybe the particular nature of the quantum entanglement created by the Red Matter is causing more bleedthrough of events from the original timeline than would usually be the case.

EDIT: Although, come to think of it, maybe the Narada incident drove the Klingons to accelerate their fleet buildup and energy production, causing the Praxis disaster to occur sooner.

-In the film, communication throughout Federation space was instantaneous. Kirk phones Scotty (in a club in San Francisco) from the Klingon border. Since the novelverse is still going with the idea that space is vast and messages can take awhile to get from A to B, I expect this to be ignored.

-Ditto the speed-of-plot travel around the galaxy. The novelverse has Vesta-class ships for that!
Again, Abramsverse tech is clearly more advanced. The favored explanation suggested by Roberto Orci is that the Kelvin's scans of the Narada's future tech were retrieved by Starfleet (downloaded onto the escape shuttles, I assume) and this allowed them to advance their own technology substantially in the ensuing 25 years. So there's no reason why this should have any impact on the Prime-continuity novels. It's unique to the alternate reality.

-Section 31 seems to have taken on a far greater role following the Narada's arrival. They had a giant weapons R&D facility under the Kelvin memorial archive in London and along with Starfleet built a kilometer-and-a-half long deathship in orbit of Jupiter. Most likely totally irrelevant to the novelverse, unless Alex Marcus and the lower-key S31-prime crop up in a 23rd century novel.
S31's enlarged role stands to reason, since they consider their mission brief to be defending the Federation in times of extreme threat. It's a natural response to the destruction of Vulcan -- and you're right that their fear of Romulan attack in the wake of the Narada's arrival probably provoked an increased security response as well.

And we don't know if the Primeverse Alexander Marcus would be affiliated with S31 or would even be in Starfleet. The divergence happened 26 years before, after all, and a wealth of stuff has changed in the interval.

-It's worth pointing out that according to DC comics' "The Star Crossed" Carol Marcus served in Starfleet for a few years.
Although that story is not in continuity with the novelverse, and other versions say she wasn't. I don't recall what Vanguard said about her past. But there's no reason why anything revealed here about Carol should have any impact on the novelverse. I mean, she's clearly had a very different life, since she was evidently raised in England.

-The movie seems to confirm a branching timeline in 2233. Care was taken to keep Khan's backstory consistent with canon (ethnicity aside, which was already wonky after Wrath of Khan)
He was given a false identity, and as a major historical figure he had a recognizable face. It stands to reason his Caucasian appearance is the result of cosmetic surgery.

and there were models of the Phoenix, Ringship Enterprise, NX-Alpha and Enterprise NX-01 on a desk in Admiral Marcus' office.
I loved seeing the Ringship! My only quibble is that they put it before the Phoenix, which conflicts with what I posited about it in DTI: Watching the Clock. Maybe they were going by the old "Starliner" idea. Anyway, it's just a model on a desk, so its position isn't definitive.

-Spock's mention that Khan's goals included "the extermination of all those not considered superior" (or words to that effect) sounded like a reference to Khan's plan to use the modified strep-A to exterminate all regular humans in Greg Cox's The Eugenics Wars, Volume Two.
Good catch! I was afraid it conflicted with Greg's version. The line about them being sentenced to death as war criminals was problematical, but maybe they were tried in absentia.
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