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Re: Did Guinan EVER did or said something useful?

Lt. Uhura-Brown wrote: View Post
I always wondered what her history was with Q, and how she'd ever be able to hold her own in a battle with a seemingly near-omnipotent entity.
Well, let's put it in context with the actual dialog:
PICARD: You know him?
GUINAN: We have had some dealings.
Q: Those dealings were two centuries ago. This creature is not what she appears to be. She's an imp, and where she goes, trouble always follows.
PICARD: You're speaking of yourself, Q, not Guinan.
Q: Guinan? Is that your name now?

It's not a matter of her holding her own. Q was probably taunting her kind the way he taunts the Enterprise crew. He could dispense with her as he could with anything else. But within the boundaries of not eradicating her, she was able to surprise and fool Q to some degree.

Dale Sams wrote: View Post
I felt like there was more unresolved between her and Picard's history also. Stuff not solved by the Mark Twain story.
Something I'd like to understand as well. Guinan says how she and Picard have a special relationship that "goes deeper than friends." Lovers? Not so sure about that. In any event, I suspect there was supposed to be another back story episode to cover it and they weren't able to get to it before the series ended.

Jeyl wrote: View Post
Yes. She does do a lot of useful things in the series. When she sensed that the time line had changed in "Yesterdays Enterprise", she immediately brought it to Picard's attention in the best she could. She didn't play the mystery role by telling Picard "Hey, things are different. You should figure it out." And even though she didn't bring up the Borg in "Q Who" until the Enterprise encountered them, she did warn Picard to leave before that would happen. Would telling Picard about the Borg make any difference since Picard's mindset to any creature in the galaxy was "We are ready to encounter it!"?
If it weren't for Guinan, Picard would've run things per usual and the timeline would never have been reset. Essentially, Guinan saved billions of lives. There's something to be said for that!
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