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Re: Would you use a transporter?

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So you are assuming that what makes you you is intrinsically tied to a soul that obviously must be but can't be transfered to the "new" body.
Because if all you are is the matter and energy making up your body and emerging conciousness is 100% the same before and after than there is no difference to you existing from one planck time to the next, it's just that you continue your existence in an entirely different place in space.
I am assuming that if you get vaporized, your life ends, even though you may have an identical twin somewhere. Really, I'm not making a metaphysical point. Yes, after you've been anihilated by the transporter beam, someone who is identical to you is created, and from a philosophical, cosmic point of view, I guess nothing has changed. But from a practical, existential point of view, your life ends, you can't do anything anymore, you're dead.
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