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Re: Does anyone else find McCoy annoying?

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Not Annoying but a border line Bigot if that can be used., he was not always politically correct.
I suspect modern day viewers may take McCoy's political incorrectness and bigotry much differently than old time viewers who first saw McCoy decades ago.

Back in the day, commenting on such things as McCoy does was not that unusual or unduly insensitive.

Judging him by current day standards of cultural sensitivities and political correctness may give an impression of the doctor that was not originally intended.
Funny thing is--and it may be a comment on the inner sociopolitical hypocrisy of certain ST viewers--is that Spock spent all three seasons of TOS making snide, dismissive and flat out insulting comments about humans...often.

The tone and his cultural and/or historical "observations" about humans sound very similar to the garden variety racist, but most ST fans don't even blink when Spock engages in the same ideology which earns McCoy criticism.

Would that have anything to do with the view of Spock as the resident alien abord the ship, so he's somehow protected from criticism? Are some fans incapable of seeing Spock in the same way because it just appears to be more politically incorrect when a human (McCoy) says the same thing?
This is among the best, if not the very best post I have ever come across in this forum.

Kudos for looking father into matters.
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