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Re: Would you use a transporter?

Timo wrote: View Post
The guy who gets created apparently can't feel any difference, either. And I'm that guy after using the device, so sign me in.
No you're not. That's the point. Every time you use a transporter, you die. You're never the guy after, that's always a different guy.

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Tiberius wrote: View Post
iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
A difference which makes no difference is no difference at all.
But it makes a big difference to the guy who gets vaporized in order to create an exact copy at the other end.
Since he won't notice any difference: no, it doesn't.
He will notice a big difference in that it will be the end of his life, he will cease to be, he will be bereft of life, he will have expired and gone to meet its maker. When you are alive, being dead is something completely different. It can't be more different than that: it's the opposite.
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