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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Takeru wrote: View Post
Moira isn't dead, thank god.
I both expected and didn't expect it.

The character is too good, but the death of Ollie's parents is almost as defining as Bruce Wayne's parents dieing.

I think this was an interesting twist to redefine the character. Now these events will also weigh on Ollie.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Who noticed the episode title?


Is there an echo in here?
Yea, I have to admit, the episode title had me expecting everyone had a chance to die. Heck, for a second, I even thought Ollie might die and they might do something strange like fast forward and have Thea become Green arrow or Diggle become Green Arrow (though I will say that was only for a moment and only be wondering to what extremes they might take it).

I made for compelling viewing because it was hard to gauge who would actually die. Almost the entire main cast could have died, in theory.

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
I did not expect the second device either. I am glad part of Malcolm's plot succeeded. It means everything that happened this season will have an effect on the whole run of the show. This whole series has been around the Undertaking. If it had been completely stopped and wrapped up they would have had to completely start fresh. But the characters relationships are so tied to it.
Very valid points.

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
From the first half of the season I was pretty sure Tommy was either going to turn evil or get killed. So that wasn't a shock. But it was well done.

I also thought that Det. Lance was probably going to get killed to make room for the new cast members(plus his character really has nothing to do in many episodes). So I enjoyed the misdirection of his conversation with Laural the most of anything in the episode. It'll be nice if he becomes the Jim Gordon to Ollie's Batman, but it'll have the downside of giving Laural even less to do(and shoe-horning her into episodes was already something the writers were struggling with).

Moira was another one on the chopping block, with the Undertaking plot over, her character really has nothing to do except be a normal mother now. Presumably she'll be reduced to a recurring role next season, or maybe just one or two appearances in the whole season.
Nothing to add to your points, but I do agree with them.

I guess QFT

sojourner wrote: View Post
I am guessing Moira's trial will last most of next season. Gives a plot line for both Laurel and Moira to work on.
If it does I will be sad.

Speaking as someone who went to school for Law, though she was complicit in what happened, there's a portion of the law known as the force of personality doctrine meaning if someone forced you to do something under death threat, you're actions are mitigates; not necessarily dismissed, but mitigated.

Arresting after the press conference, legally speaking was absolutely the right thing to do. No question. Investigating her ties to the situation is also legally sound as is having a trial.

Finding her guilty for conspiracy or terrorism under death threat is certainly not founded and the show would be doing the justice system a disservice "rendering" such any sort of a verdict in a fictional show.
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