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The critics are not universally praising this thing.

Wired magazine just chimed in.
I love how you people find the few reviews that didn't fully enjoy the movie and go SEEE SEE?!! WE'RE RIGHT! It's hilarious.

Are you reading the same thread I am? It's not just reviewers. Plenty of rank and file posters are reporting in now to say they didn't like the movie. And while we're at it, would you like to address any of the legitimate complaints the Wired review had with it? That reviewer actually said he liked the 2009 film, which most anti-JJ people here didn't. So it's hard to accuse the guy of having an axe to grind.
Well judging from the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and the polling here, it seems that the majority of people liked it a lot. And some people who didn't love the 2009 film, really liked this one. So it goes both ways.

What was the point of that post? Seriously, especially with the line of it's not getting universal praise. Well I'd say that 87%-90% of critics enjoying it is pretty damn good. You didn't like the 2009 film, and you're probably not gonna like this one, so you attach yourself to every reviewer that says they didn't like it as if to justify your opinion. It's YOUR opinion, and yours alone, and its fine to have, but stop trying to project it like its going to be an overall consensus of this film, because according to the statistics, you're in the minority. It's just being a turd in the punchbowl, especially when you haven't seen the film yet and are just going off of what other people have said.
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