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ST:TUC is a mediocre movie at best, and certainly not a tenth of what this film is. That it's a favorite with so many Trek fans is one more good reason for the studio to have stopped pandering to the faithful so much and embrace the possibility of real success.
There's a lot of "pandering" to established fans in the movie, I'm not sure what you mean.

The movie has a lot of strong points. It's possible to recognize that and still dislike/criticize parts of it. Also, some people might just dislike it, it's not some sort of masterpiece.

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It's interesting you mention Paradise Lost. The story to STID had the foundations of a great Paradise Lost-esque story r.e. conspiracy within the Federation.
Yes, part of the story is basically lifted from that episode, though it's not really developed very well. But Marcus is supposed to be exploiting/responding to the Klingon threat in much the same way the Changeling threat functions in Paradise Lost. And he awakens/recruits Khan with that in mind at some point.
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