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The first film was about Kirk becoming the captain of the Enterprise.

The second film was about Kirk TRULY becoming the captain of the Enterprise.
Well, I know what you mean, but I thought Kirk's maturation was a strong point. Remember how, in the first film, it felt like Kirk's rise in the ranks was a tad, errr... swift? Well, I thought they addressed that in this movie. It's unfair to complain that it happened too fast and then complain that they made it more gradual (I'm not saying you personally have done that, I just mean that this was undeniably a common remark/complaint after the first film.)

Ultimately, I just don't think this movie needed to be burdened with all of the fanwank, or that it needed to rely so heavily on recopying existing material.

This cast and the overall production don't need it, so I'm not sure why they are leaning so heavily on that particular crutch.

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