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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x16 "Q Who"

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Fast forward to First Contact/Voyager, and the Borg assimilate people left and right, and yet they will ignore you unless you post a threat. Bad Braga, bad!
What really kills me about that whole "ignore us as long as we're not a threat" schtick is that in "Q Who", it was an assumption, not a fact.

Riker: They either don't see us or they don't see us as a threat.
But when Data scans an alcove, he brings up a much more plausible explanation.

Data: The ship appears to be regenerating. Perhaps this explains why they have not taken notice of our presence. Their collective effort is being directed into repairing this vessel.
Now that would make sense since the Cube took some pretty significant damage from the Enterprise's phasers. But by the time we get to "The Best of Both Worlds", the "Don't see us as a threat" gets played to it's absolute, and the Borg suffered as a result.
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