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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

@ blssdwlf

Exactly my point. If the Enterprise's repair jobs are already 83% "complete", why the sudden rush to a) put her on "Priority One" and b) withdraw the repair crew from the Intrepid?

There is no indication in the episode that the Enterprise is in a hurry to go somewhere and - sorry - I don't believe that Kirk's demand to have an immediate "Court-Martial" is because he wants to keep an appointment we or Commodore Stone are unaware of.

@ Timo

But because the Intrepid had fallen into the 1X31 slot and was "complete" Jein concluded this couldn't be Starbase 11's repair progress chart - the fact that Stone pulled the repair crew from the Intrepid was clear evidence that work on her hadn't been finished, yet.

The ramifications are interesting. If you seriously believe this is the repair progress chart of Starbase 11, then you should also disregard the NCC registries from the Concordance, Encyclopedia and TOS-R.

@ Warped9

Greg Jein proposed and Bjo Trimble and the Okudas decided.

Yes, it's pure conjecture (as an adolescent, however, I believed it to be official. The stuff I still have to "unlearn" is amazing) but if you give a nod to FJ - is his registry number for the Intrepid on the starship status chart?

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