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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Jein's reasoning was fairly straightforward:

1) This chart shows the Enterprise (the registry is there)
2) This chart probably shows the Intrepid (Stone makes decisions concerning her)
3) Both of these are starships ("Immunity Syndrome" supports this)
4) Thus, all of these are starships (a leap of faith, but then again, it sez so on top)
5) There is a list of starship names for TOS (several in fact, but whatever, he picked one)
6) The only thing remaining, then, is to put them in order of some sort...

...And he picked alphabetical order! This caused the Intrepid to fall in the 1831 or 1631 slot, and that was that.

The numbers aren't in ascending or descending order, nor are the percentages, so clearly something else is ruling the ordering. One could still pick from two other fairly rational governing parameters: order of arrival at the starbase (1701 is near the top, and perhaps this is a busy place) or order of repair docks (Dock 1 atop, Dock 2 below etc.).

Timo Saloniemi
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