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Re: Kitchen Nightmares nightmare in Phoenix!!!

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If you go back and read the negative Yelp reviews from before the Kitchen Nightmares episode, it's all there — the food, the rudeness on the part of Samy and Amy. What's more amazing is that they didn't even try to be on their best behavior for the cameras.
TheGodBen wrote: View Post
I know that reality TV is usually edited in such a way to create drama, but if they're even half as bad as the show made them out to be then they don't deserve to be in business.
There's an article from a Phoenix dining blog back in December when the episode was shot that makes it sound like the production team was not prepared for the dysfunction going on there. The police were called at some point.

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Oh, and J.T.B., I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought their relationship screamed "sugar-daddy and spoiled girlfriend".
I would be more surprised if someone didn't see it that way.
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